just shapes and beats


"Just Shapes and Beats" is a multiplayer arcade game designed for up to four players. The simplistic visual design of the game features colorful, geometric shapes moving in time to the beat of various electronic music tracks. The objective is to navigate through levels filled with obstacles and hazards, avoiding being hit by various attacks, surviving enemy encounters and dodging various traps. The game features a huge library of music composed by various electronic music producers, each of them providing a different atmosphere and challenge. The gameplay is based on rhythm, with the difficulty of the levels increasing with the complexity of the beat, of trying to keep up. Players progress through levels by dodging or shielding themselves from hazards, enemies and obstacles. They also have the ability to dash, which can help them avoid incoming obstacles that might be too complex to dodge. When a player takes damage, they lose a life, and the level restarts from the beginning of the level. The game is designed to be challenging but not too difficult, allowing players to practice and improve their reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and rhythm. Overall, "Just Shapes and Beats" is a fun, fast-paced game that tests your rhythm and reaction time abilities in a simplistic yet colorful setting. The game is best enjoyed when played with friends, where the cooperative gameplay can help make it even more enjoyable.